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let my words reflect that which i am...

....that you might see me more clearly

26 July 1982
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I am...

- a young Connecticut-born woman now living on Long Island - moved here for college in 2000 and never really left

- a professional web designer, working as Manager of Web Communications for Adelphi University, overseeing the design and content of the University site with my staff of three and small army of student workers

- friend and lover to a wonderful man

- an unapologetic foodie and amateur home cook, baker, candymaker, and mixologist; a wannabe wine and beer afficionado

- a food blogger - check me out at Table for Two?

- a Food TV junkie and Iron Chef groupie (Morimoto FTW!)

- a career-oriented, childfree, strong-willed woman who is NOT a feminist - I'm an equalist, and that goes for racial and religious issues as well.

- an admirer of Ayn Rand and objectivist disciple - I can't really call myself an objectivist yet, because years of irrational living are a little difficult to wash away, but I believe in that philosophy absolutely so I'm working on it and I'm learning.

- still battling what feels like a lifetime of depression, but again, I'm working on it.

- completely devoid of patience for stupidity, rudeness, and drama. Bring that shit around me and you're gone.

- dreaming about a future life out west where its quiet and beautiful

- a lover of all things music and art, and a fanatical devotee of Yes, Rush, Roger Dean, and Constantin Brancusi

- a Mac (haters, get lost! :-p)

- a NY Ranger fan (GO BLUESHIRTS!)

- a total dork with a ridiculous sense of humor

- a home-entertainer

- a voracious reader

- an early riser, but definitely NOT a morning person

- a huge fan of animation, be it anime or American Saturday morning cartoons or Disney movies, be it cell-style or 3D

- a cat person

- appreciative of the finer things in life, especially if they are also the simple things

- a lot of other things that I can't remember right now (though I suppose absent-minded counts)


I am an obsessive poster - during the week I usually post several times a day (I think my record is something like 8 posts during a work day). So if you don't want your friends-list flooded with my stupid ramblings, I'd reccommend not friending me. Because frankly I don't see that changing anytime soon, thanks to my incurable LJ addiction...

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement - because honestly, the world would be better off without us.

Rick Wakeman is love God.
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Jon Anderson is universal love.
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